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This seem may very well be in contrast Together with the audio you would probably make when sucking one thing out of your higher enamel, or maybe the seem of sympathy when someone claims ts-ts.

bakvissie – a giggly teenage Woman (from bakvis, a fish also modest being saved and thrown back in to the drinking water).

koek – lit. "cake". Can be utilized to make reference to a response to your sticky situation: "O Koek" (Oh Shit); clumped hair that may be messy: Jou hare is gekoek (Your hair is extremely messy and challenging to brush); Might also confer with a vagina.

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This one particular’s for those who want a crack from typical ‘o’ ending names like Milo or Marco. Mpilo implies ‘everyday living’ within the Zulu language. Regardless of whether you pronounce it as Mpilo or Milo, this one will signal the arrival of just a little star.

Straddling in the road of energy and sensitivity, Phiwokwakhe is without doubt one of the top picks for Zulu parents. It means ‘he who was given what was rightfully his.’

rockspider / rock – derogatory phrase for Afrikaner.[3] However additional well-known being a nationwide Struggle with the Bands-fashion Opposition known as Rockspaaider which was hosted by JIP, a teen-primarily based Life style series, around the Afrikaans new music channel MK.

van die os op die wa af - lit. "through the ox on to the wagon and off". Similar here to "Talking of which" and "though we're on the topic"

now-now/nou-nou – contrary to the initial which means from the English word "now", this means "in owing time", and for that reason can indicate anything at all from "in the next five minutes" to "in another five years".

Now we can easily commence trying to extract facts through the website page supply (HTML). We can see that the options have fairly exceptional hunting names while in the "symbol" column anything like AAPL130328C00350000.

pouse - (pronounced "po-ze"). As an anglicism it really is derived from its English counterpart which suggests to quickly halt an audio or video, or maybe a musical split. In its Afrikaans pronunciation it refers especially to an intermission in theatre and a school recess.

Slavic: Dawn; variant of Aurora; "Most likely love is often a compelling requirement imposed on person by God which has a little something to accomplish with struggling."...

moer strip – some extent in time when a person's persistence has worn so slim, he could snap violently at any instant. Derived from a nut (moer) that strips its threads when extreme pressure is used.

Returns None when nothing matches. This also implies You can not really chain these, given that that'll effortlessly cause an AttributeError complaining you might be endeavoring to do a thing on None.

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